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Paige Soy Candles

3 ounce Wax Melts

3 ounce Wax Melts

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100% soy wax melts, made in candy bar molds. Easy to snap off, and use in your wax melter
These are made in Grand Rapids, Michigan 

tomato leaves, bell peppers, and earth

Golden Fig
a creamy fig with musk, strawberry, and cherry

Olive Branch
mixture of leafy greens and tropical fruits. This scent is not overpowering, but will fill the whole room

fresh pineapple slices

Spring Rain
wood, earth, and light florals create this true petrichor scent

vanilla, bergamot, and leather. Reminiscent of sitting by the pool on a hot day

True earthy, citrusy hops scent. Perfect for beer lovers  

Vanilla Amber
rich, deep vanilla and smoked amber. This one's a classic

Witchy Woman
sultry spice blend of clove, black pepper, ginger, and musk
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